The Bloemsma B-185 project was conceived by joint efforts of exterior designer Christopher Seymour, design consultant Carl Esch, and guided by the input of the professional Balk shipyard team.

As in recent years demand is growing for yachts offering multipurpose leisure possibilities, whereby also large and sumptuous exterior entertainment areas are desired, often combined with desired very comfortable interior spaces. Considering many of these yacht are used during the summer season in the MED waters, its relatively easy to imagine why many owners and guests nowadays also increasingly prefer enjoying their stay on board “al aire fresco”. The concept of our BLOOM B-185 offers a perfect alternative to our stunning SPECTRAL Series, actually offering the best of both worlds.

As nowadays more and more guests like to enjoy bathing in a private fresh water pool on board, recent trends see the number and sizes of on-board pools continuously increasing on Superyachts. Our B-185 offers two pools for its guests, one large infinity pool at the main aft deck, as well as a decent sized pool at the top deck.

For the guests who like swimming and/or lounging near to the Mediterranean sea water, will really enjoy the featured huge unfolding bathing platform and Beach club at the transom area. Another actual trend is the demand for having on board several fast tenders and various PWC´s, allowing for lots of entertainment and extra fun for the guest on board when anchored at one of the many beautiful bays at the numerous MED locations. When underway cruising with the B-185, all tenders and PWC´s can be safely stored at the Beach club area.

During such cruising trips the guests can still enjoy “aire fresco” feeling, at forward and aft bridge deck areas, as well at the top deck partially covered by a solid hardtop. Latter areas usually are also popular places to be when sterned-inn at one of the many crowded MED marinas, as these decks are higher positioned they provide more privacy as well as more often a fresh breeze than the lower decks may offer.


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