Seven Sins

‘An astonishing refit – giving Seven Sins a completely new 15-metre bow section’

Seven Sins

Her brand-new bow makes Seven Sins look better than when she was first launched in 2005. Her owner and her architects had always had mixed feelings about her previous bow, feeling that it did not have quite the right aesthetic feel for a yacht of Seven Sins’ calibre. After the rebuild process was completed, the yacht offers a great deal more space for the crew, water and storage. And the addition of a bulbous bow has provided major benefits in terms of performance and fuel savings.

A brief overview of the work done on Seven Sins

  • A completely new 15-metre bow section;
  • A 2.5-metre extension of the foredeck;
  • New crew cabins for eight crew members;
  • New bulbous bow which makes for a better performance;
  • More storage room;
  • New foredeck installation.


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