Same yacht with a completely new look and feel


Originally launched in 2004, Bravado came to Balk Shipyard in the autumn of 2015 for a paintjob and some small upgrades. After some time, it became clear that more comprehensive work was required and the Owner also decided to go for an all-new interior.

The rebuild of Bravado was very much an in-depth reimaging, not just a cosmetic rethink of the look and feel. Great effort was put into the “behind-the-scenes” areas that no guests on board will ever encounter, although they will greatly improve their experience of the boat.

Bravado’s exterior and hull were repainted in tri-tone white, shark grey and majestic blue, giving her a sleek contemporary look and feel. The sun deck lounge area as well as the main deck lounge area were made more practical and elegant with aluminum extensions. Moreover, Bravado’s original twin engines and generators were give a zero-haul overhaul. The wheelhouse, too, was thoroughly adapted and modernised in terms of both looks and equipment, and the windows in the wheelhouse and main deck areas were replaced.

The interior was changed completely, with new floors, ceilings, furniture and materials throughout. From a very classic nautical style, Bravado has been transformed into a study in contemporary elegance. The new interior consists largely of glossy grey panelling and a wealth of the finest Burmese teak. The range of leathers, teak, stone, Carrara marble, brushed steel and satin is a symphony of style and substance

Bravado’s refit is a testimony to the vision of her owner and Balk Shipyard’s craftsmanship and project management skills.


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