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Sandalphon launched

Sandalphon launched

This unique project cannot be framed as a refit or as a new build but is the perfect example of a rebuild. In 2015 Sandalphon (also known as Project Gisele) came to the premises in Urk after her Owner granted Balk Shipyard the project due to its good reputation as a refit and rebuild specialist and its heritage. Now Sandalphon is ready to be launched and to discover the world.

First AntiRoll installation facility

First AntiRoll installation facility

A tradition of shipbuilding that spans more than two centuries, the 7th generation now at the helm and Purveyor to the Court of the Netherlands. There are few shipyards that are able to present such a record. Balk Shipyard can. And this is testimony to their tradition in innovation and respect for their roots. A heritage which has driven them to continuously anticipate the requirements of the times and develop effective and agile business strategies. 


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