Dancing Hare

Dancing Hare

After KK Superyachts successfully closed the sales of MY DANCING HARE (ex-Lady Mona K) they contacted us for inquiries to have us perform an extensive refit on board of the yacht.

This 57m Amels built superyacht was definitely in need of serious maintenance. Next to the outdated maintenance there were quite some modifications planned.

To start with the exterior the bridge deck aft has been completely re-organised by placing dining tables and a lounge group. Dining tables with an adjustable height were installed in such a way they are suitable for usage as not only a coffee table but also as a dining table.

To create optimal conditions even during windy and wet weather on the bridge deck aft huge glass sliding panels were installed on both sides on top of the bulwark. These doors can be slided open and closed when needed to have a comfortable shelter.

On the fly bridge deck the fixed installed sails were no longer needed since the aluminium deck was extended by quite a few extra meters to create shade on the bridge deck aft.

The main deck aft has been completely reorganised. Existing pillars and bulkheads were removed and were replaced by stainless steel ones in a minimalistic way. This to create a free and spacious aft deck when both tenders were launched.

The in the deckhead integrated cranes were upgraded and newly certified for a much more heavy load so they are able to lift the newly purchased tenders onto the after deck.

Furthermore a very solid but at the same time very gentle high polished stainless steel railing works completed by a massive nicely shaped teak cap rail, all installed around main deck aft.

In regards to the interior we can highlight a complete round-up and fresh-up was performed with the help of stylists and interior designers. Together we were able to create a modern and sophisticated interior.

The bridge was completely stripped and a new bridge console has been installed including all latest nav com equipment. Even the interior part such as chart table, steering chair, seating group, radio room were renewed.

On all decks and walkways quite some corrosion underneath the teak has been treated and a complete new teak deck was installed.

Going inside the engine room both main engines were completely stripped (top and bottom) and were completely overhauled. Even the gear boxes were removed and sent back to the fabric for a serious check up and overhaul. Next to these big works every single piece of equipment was looked after and lots of piping was renewed. Stabilizers were replaced as well by 0-speed stabilizers.

Last but not least, even the galley was stripped. All equipment has been replaced. Even bulkheads were removed and windows were added to create more daylight. The final outcome over this make-over resulted in a fabulous looking galley.

Not very usual but a nice experience for all parties involved in this refit project was the launching ceremony of this astonishing yacht in a traditional way by having the pastor baptising the yacht. Next to the pastor’s blessings we wish the Owner fair winds and following sea’s on her cruising around the world.Watch her departure here!


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