Balk Shipyard acquires Jachtwerf Bloemsma

As a result of the cooperation between Balk Shipyard and Bloemsma Aluminiumbouw over the last year Daan Balk and Jan Hart mutually agreed the sale of Jachtwerf Bloemsma.

Jan Hart, owner of Claasen Jachtbouw who had already taken over Bloemsma Aluminiumbouw and the Bloemsma van Breemen shipyard, has directed his strategy for these two companies. As a result of this strategy he recently sold Claasen Jachtbouw to Vitters Shipyard and completed his philosophy with the sale of Jachtwerf Bloemsma to Balk Shipyard.

Daan Balk, seventh generation in line and owner of Balk Shipyard, has been familiar with Jachtwerf Bloemsma for dozens of years. Jachtwerf Bloemsma has been the basis for the Bloemsma Van Breemen success story. M/Y Flying Eagle, M/Y Griffioen, S/Y Valquest are  just a few examples of the beautiful yachts that have been built over the years. The knowledge and craftsmanship as generated over the years must be preserved for our yachting industry to Daan Balk’s opinion.

Jan Hart, owner and managing director at Bloemsma Aluminiumbouw will keep his focus fully on the aluminium constructions and will expand his company as much as possible in this direction. Daan Balk, owner and managing director at Balk Shipyard, will keep his focus with Balk Shipyard on refit and rebuilds as he is well known for it in the yachting business. Current projects at Balk Shipyard are M/Y Bravado, M/Y Gisele, M/Y Mystical, M/Y Valeria and a 50m Amels. This season’s deliveries were M/Y Pioneer, M/Y Latitude and M/Y Lars.

Jachtwerf Bloemsma is currently working on two refit projects, to know S/Y Mulligan and S/Y Copihue. Both yachts were built at Jachtwerf Bloemsma. Daan Balk explains that in the upcoming year the preferred strategy will be analysed and determined for Bloemsma.

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Maaike Hesterman, PR & Marketing